Blending In

Nature has a great way of making creatures and foliage blend together.  The turtles are starting to come out here at Turtle Creek Farm....look at this guy he was hard to spot!  First turtle spotted

Dogwood Days

Dogwood days are here - beautiful blooms all around!Dogwood bloomsDogwood days


My what big ears you have...

When I approached the shed door that contains wood shavings I use for the chicken coop I heard a strange noise.  I opened the door to find a teeny tiny little possum!  He was calling out for his mom (I thought oh great)  Dan placed him in a basket and called our vet's office, who referred us to a wildlife rescue/rehab.  Believe it or not there were several people near and far to take this little guy to.  They told us that Possums were prehistoric animals that did not carry rabies, what to feed him (warm watered down plain yogurt with an eye dropper).  After his meal, we packed him up and  drove to Townsend (by the Nat'l Park) met Lisa, director of Smoky  Mountain Native Wildlife Center.  She told us he probably fell off his mom's back.  She would put him with other little ones his age and care for him until he could be released.  She placed him into a cozy little flannel pouch and off they went.  She also mentioned that generally he may bave 10 other brothers and sisters to look out for ....



Since it is the season for EGGS thought I would share tips on the best way to make Hard Boiled and Soft Boiled Eggs.

This tip came from my pottery artist friend Diane & "Cooking with Kids":

Easy to Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

1.  Place a steamer basket in the bottom of a pot that you would use for soups/pasta.

2.   Add water until it comes thru the bottom of the steamer basket.  Gently place eggs in the basket and cover the pan with a lid.

3.  Bring water to a boil, then slightly lower the heat and let simmer for 15 minutes.

4.  Remove eggs with tongs and place in a bowl of cold/ice water  - allow to cool down before peeling.  Crack your eggs by tapping the broad end of egg on a hard surface, they should peel easy.  Remember when using fresh eggs like ours, you need to wait a few days before boiling as they are impossible to peel when really fresh.

* * * * *

Soft Boiled Eggs ( we call them "Dippy Eggs" for toast) From Cooks Illustrated:

1.  Bring 1/2 inch of water to a boil in a medium sauce pan.

2.  Using tongs place eggs in boiling water (eggs will not be submerged) and cover sauce pan with lid.

3.  Cook eggs for 6 1/2 minutes.

4.  Remove pan from heat - place in sink and run cold water for about 1 minute.

Eggs are ready to serve, snip the top off and serve with buttered toast.

Lenten Roses

During the season of Lent and Easter our Lenten Roses, never fail to pop up even in the snow!  It is a sign that spring is on the way.  The Lenten Roses (Hellebores) are not actually a rose , but in the buttercup family of plants.  Ours originally were given to us by gardener/quilter friend Sue in Atlanta, then replanted when we moved to Turtle Creek....they have survived inspite of me, multiplied and we have added lime-green and white ones; there is even a purple almost black available now.

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