Just Daffy

Just daffy  

The daffodils are out in full splendor just about everywhere – along the split rail fence lines, the creeks and circling the bases of trees.  Just loving seeing spring “yellow”.fence lines with daffodilsdaffodills lining the creeek

Four Years Old

The chickens are FOUR years old !

In celebration I was hoping to have them line up and  form for number "4" and as you can see my efforts for this failed,  they obviously did not get the concept (or failed to read the birthday formation handout).Chicken line upChickens are Four

View from inside the coop (Peeping Beauty and Katie both thought this angle made their butts look too big).Peeping Beauty such a beauty

Katie exiting the coop

Happy 4th Birthday Chick-letts!!


Aretha KatieTaking it easy

Love Bird

love birdThis sweet little love bird - a perfect Valentine.

"Love Birds Nest" on Esty.com makes adorable handmade linen bird sculptures.  Rita hand stamps and stitches these little creations from her bird's nest (studio)  is located in Leeds, United Kingdom.   


Snowed In

We are snowed in, but better off than in Atlanta where my brother who spent 10 hours in the car trying to get home.  This is a photo that Tami took she was in her car for 4 hours.

gridlock trafficThe temps here this morning started at -1.5 degrees but warming up to 15 degrees.  The cardinals are so bright red against the white snow.  Cosmo is looking out the window at one as it started snowing, our frozen creek and Mother Mary up to her knees in snow. cat bird watchingSnow Stormfrozen creekfence lineMother Mary

Twinkle meets Sparkle

Twinkle meets Sparkle - newest family member Ella Marie! 

When everybody was giving name ideas while waiting for the baby to arrive, Emory (Twinkle Marie) thought the new baby should be named "Sparkle Marie".  We all agreed that was the BEST name ever.  Here is a photo of when they met for the first time.  

Sparkle meets Twinkle Sparkle meets Twinkle Sparkle and Twinkle

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