Arizona Adventure

We just returned from our Arizona Adventure, visiting with our friends John and Terry.  We had a great time with them....from hiking in the Grand Canyon, Bisbee, riding Route 66, to Sedona and onto the OK Corral in Tombstone. What  incredible sunrises, sunsets and breathtaking landscapes and lots of laughter.


Wordless Wednesdays


New Book!

I am so excited to announce a new book by my friend Cindy Blackberg!  It is called “Sampler By Hand”, a wonderful collection of 63 quilt blocks to select from to make a quilt as shown on the cover or a tiny treasure using a few blocks.  The reason I am excited is that some of the photos in the book were taken here at Turtle Creek Farm…..check out the photo featuring one of our hens, Bessie!  Both Bessie and Cindy will autograph your book.  For more info about the book and Cindy’s great work, check out her website:

Bessie is quite the diva now, wearing sunglasses while free ranging.  

Book Cover:  Cindy's Sampler Quilt at Turtle Creek Farm

Bessie Marie admiring the Sawtooth Star Quilt


Egg Trick: Quick Way to Separate Yolk from the Egg White

I just learned a quick and easy way to separate eggs yolks from eggs whites….and it just takes a moment to do!  Here are lots of photos showing the steps:

First you need an egg, two plates, and an empty plastic water bottle, cap removed.

Break the egg onto a plate (or mixing bowl).

Take the empty water bottle and give it a squeeze (to create a vacuum).

Place the squeezed water bottle over the egg yolk and release your squeeze on it.

The egg yolk will be slurped up into the empty water bottle.

Release the egg yolk onto your plate or bowl by squeezing the bottle again. 

The egg yolk can be picked up and moved over and over again using this method without making a mess!  Put your empty water bottle in the recycle bin!  The hens of Turtle Creek Farm approve this message.


Hike For Mike

August 25th marks the four year anniversary of Mike Hearon’s disappearance.  Mike is our niece Jamey’s father-in-law, the grandfather of little baby Avery (the cute baby in the basket). Mike Hearon went missing in 2008 from his home in Happy Valley. He was last seen leaving his home on Bell Branch Road on his all-terrain vehicle (near Smoky Mountain National Park). His ATV was found a few days later, but no signs of Mike or any clues as to what may have happened to him have been found..

He is a wonderful father, son, new grandfather...... and he is a friend to everyone. He is kind hearted, generous, and a fun loving guy who loves living life. 

As part of the Find Mike Hearon Awareness Campaign, the family of Mike Hearon invites you to the 3rd annual “Hike for Mike” on Saturday, August 25th at 10:00 a.m. at the Happy Valley Community Club.  If you live in the area we would appreciate your joining us.

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