Project: Gift Note Pads

These note pads make great quick gifts - everyone can use them.  This project was inspired by a note pad gift I received.  Using a standard sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" paper, divide the page into 4 equal sections.  At the very bottom of each section, using black marker, write a name or sketch a little something.  This can be then taken to your local office supply store for printing.  Ask to see a selection of paper and ink color choices.  (In this case I choose to use black ink).  I had 50 sheets printed, then cut into 4 equal sections, ask to have the top glued to use for pads.


Winter White

We woke up to Turtle Creek covered in a blanket of winter white.  The only prints in the snow were animal tracks that were going in all directions.  This is a photo of the entrance and the lower pastures.



Since we are thinking of adding chickens to the farm so we can have fresh eggs, we visited the Dunlap's clucking collection of prize-winning chickens.  He raises various breeds for show and shared his vast knowledge.


Heart Rocks

Here is where I keep some of the small heart rocks, in jars that line the side porch windows.  Other heart rocks are placed in different spots around the cabin that hopefully bring a smile to whoever may see them.

Happy New Year - Take a Hike

It has been our tradition to hike in the Smoky Mountains on New Years's Day.  It is a great way to start the year off by enjoying the quiet beauty of the park.  This year Danny and I hiked with Fred and Tami.  Found the first heart rock of the year - always a good sign.  Happy New Year, may it be the most creative one yet!


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