Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung at Turtle Creek.....lenton roses and daffodils are starting to pop up everywhere.


Go Green

Go Green - Think Green -in honor of St.Patrick's Day, plus it's the right thing to do!  Here are some photos of our little sprouts, Dan started them a few weeks ago along with building more rasied beds for the garden.   The sprouts are heirloom tomatoes, various peppers and eggplant.

Little sprouts just starting...



Orange Scrunchies – quirky cookies

For several years my friend Rusty and I exchange cookies and a small gift for our birthdays.  We try out new recipes on each other...I tried these because of the quirky combination of ingredients....they are really, really good!  We  have been using this same white tin for quite some time.

Orange Scrunchies – cookies!   

                                           Makes: 35 – 2” cookies

1     pound box vanilla wafers

1 - 6 oz can frozen orange juice

3/4 box powdered sugar

 1 – 7 oz bag coconut


Crush vanilla wafers in a food processor or blender to make fine crumbs.  Add the orange juice and powdered sugar, mix well.    Dough will be sticky.  Form into 2” balls and roll in coconut. (I used those disposable plastic gloves when rolling the cookies).  Refrigerate to set.   Eat and smile!



Visiting the Chicks

The girls have been busy entertaining visitors!

  Reading fan mail from the Weasel

  Chicklet Holly

  Chicklet Jamie

  Chicks hopping into Jeanne & Holly's hands 

  Chicklet Caroline has one fall asleep in her hands

  This little Rhode Island Red loved Jamie

All of them came to greet Anjte

Our sweet chicklet  Emory checking out the chicks

Cristy and Emory and peeps

Emory meets Abigail (who tells her that cats are better than chickens)


Peeps Update

The chicks will be one week old on Friday, March 5th.  They have grown so much in the past 6 days.  Little wings are starting to grow, tiny tail feathers, they are even a bit taller!  First chick to hop into my hand was one of the Buff Plymouth Rocks (yellow ones).  She has done this for a few days now.  Her name is Auntie Bessie Marie.  They will be named after our aunts, my family from Massachusetts, so they are the Plymouth Rock girls…Dan’s family from Rhode Island (and having red hair) will be the Rhode Island Reds.  All shall have the middle name: Marie (family tradition, keeps the Marie Club growing).

Everybody who comes by the nursery to visit the chicks gets free marshmallow peeps.

                                                  Group Photo

                                                       Gossiping at the water fountain

                                                           Chicken feet (rocket powered)

                                                                look at the little wings!

                                                      the end.

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