Road Trip: Stitches South Atlanta

At the break of dawn two car loads of Maryville Ravelers headed to Atlanta for the Stitches South event....had a  great time shopping and seeing friends from Atlanta....we returned with boatloads of yarn, patterns and ideas for new projects.

First Time Out - Celebrating Earth Day!

Walking out the ramp to see the great outdoors for the first time ….

The chicken coop has two chicken doors, this one is to the little yard at the entry and the side door takes them to their large yard with a movable electric poultry fence.  This fence hopefully will keep them in and other critters out (it also works on battery and solar power).  Dan and I are setting up the fencing now… if this is my last blog entry you will know that I was fried.

 First brave chick was Auntie Bessie (yellow one) followed by Oprah (black one)



Moving Day for the Chicks!

Movin' on up....the girls were packed up and moved out to the chicken coop.  They squealed, they squawked, then settled in.   The chicks are 8 weeks old now and working on pecking order as to who will be Queen.

                                                 The girls coming over to Dan for a snack.

Everybody wanted to "roost" when I sat down!  There are 5 on my right leg and 4 on the left.

On the Road: California

Garden gazebo at the La Playa Hotel in Carmel -

where we were married 21 years ago!


On the Road

On the road ....  photos to follow....Happy Trails!


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