Rust & Roses

Misty morning shot of one of our vintage hay rakes against the background of wild roses.

Memorial Day

To honor those who served our country-- Dan's father, Daniel Lovett served in the US Navy as a signalman, along with his brothers, Gerald, who served in the US Army as a Medic, and Raymond, a medic also served in the US Navy.


This is the season for wild fragrant honeysuckle.   It is growing along some of our fences, the pastures are filled  with its beautiful fragrance.  Honeysuckle is one of my favorite "weeds" as they refer to it around here!  Below the actual photo is a thread painting I did of some wild honeysuckle .

See whats growing...

The garden is really starting to take shape, first up were the radishes

Also growing are the little birds.....this birds nest gets remodeled each year with a new family.

New Baby Trick: The Princess Wave

One of the first things every girl should learn how to do:  The Princess Wave

Little Emory learned this new trick from her Aunt Jamey, after noticing how she was watching her hands.  Here is Uncle Dan holding her, as we are all laughing at her gentle slow wave from side to side….the people at the table next to us said “that baby is doing a parade wave”.

A girl never knows when this wave will come in handy, always good to be prepared.

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