Red, White & Blue


Red, White & Blue - I love to celebrate the 4th of July!  The cabin is decorated inside and out ... barrels planted with red, white and blue flowers, flags flying, quilts and lots of hand stitched "Americana" theme projects I made through the years.

One Week Old

The baby Keets are one week old, they are taller and started growing little wing and tail feathers.  They look like tiny ostriches now, with their legs  set further back, long necks and tiny heads.  Look and see what I mean…..  


Welcome Baby Keets!

Baby keets are little Guinea  fowl.  They were born on Tuesday …so here they are at 3 days old.  My friend Karen got some for her farm and gave us four.  We hear that they are good watch dogs for the farm and chickens; as they are loud and obnoxious.  They are so tiny compared to the baby chicks.  They are hard to tame and have a spaz fit every time we go near the brooder box.  We are handling them several times so they get used to us.  So far it is not helping!  They are so cute now….but just wait and see how funny they look when they grow up.


Turtle Creek Turtles

We spotted a couple of turtles today....they are late arrivals this year.  Normally see them around and about a month earlier.  They must have been busy.  They are Eastern Box turtles.  When we first bought the property 23 years ago we spotted several of them, some munching on the strawberries near the creeks.....that is how we named the place:  Turtle Creek Farm.


Play Ball - Chicken Version


Chicken version of playing ball - with the 'Refs" on perch above the  field watching the plays.  Chickens play only when they want to, they do not follow rules, or play as a team.  They cheat whenever they can.

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