Radio Flyer!

We received a wonderful surpise from our friends at The Castle Group - a red Radio Flyer wagon!  I had been wanting one for use in hauling the girls, garden goods and eggs.  So here are the girls inspecting the new "poultry porter". 

 Thanks Mark, Scott, Carol and Cindy!!

Emma ... ready to ride!

                                        The garden haul

Oprah's Got Something to Talk About

Oprah has been coming into the chicken coop cackling for the past few days...something was up...over the weekend she laid her first egg!  Oprah came in "second" in our egg laying contest.  Here she is in the chicken coop quite proud of her accomplishment!

And yes, you can see there are curtains and framed  family photos (baby chicks)  in the coop.

I found the egg in the coop when I zoomed home on a break from Kim Nixon's Rug Hooking Retreat at RT Lodge.  So I thought you might like to see it on a background of one of the hooked rugs designed by Kim.  To see more of her creative work, visit

Here is the group of fun and crazy artists at the retreat, who also learned more about chickens than they wanted to know. 


Mystery solved - it's Emma!

The egg laying mystery is solved:   it is our little Emma who has been busy!  While I was cleaning the coop she came in, started  hopping in & out of the nesting boxes and seemed anxious.  She followed me out the coop's front door, into the smaller yard and found her xylophone and started playing a tune (normally she plays only one note at a time for a treat).  She still seemed out of sorts, so I placed her back in the nesting box and bingo a little while later she laid an egg!  


Here is Emma playing her tune in a pre-egg-laying concert. (More to come on Emma's Rockin tunes...) 

Emma's Egg laid July 9th displayed on a quilt made my dear friend Nance, whos birthday is July 9th!!

First Egg!!


FIRST EGG!! July 6, 2010   I found our "first" egg in the coop, on the ground next to the nesting box in the morning - Yippee!

Estimated cost $5,000

Here is a re-enactment photo of how I found it in buried in the wood shavings (I was so excited I picked it up, ran in to show Dan, then had to get my camera and put in back where I found it).

This is Emma who came in to seeing what I was up to, she jumped into the nesting box to show me where it should have been laid.  It is a mystery just who laid the first egg....

Second Egg - July 7...this time it was laid in the nesting box ! 

Look how tiny these first brown eggs are!

Second Egg estimated cost:  $2,500

Oh No - she can Crow!!

Well I guess Auntie Lil will have to be called Uncle Lil....she started crowing....eeek!  Everybody told me that she was a he, since he towers over all the other chickens and bosses them around.  So we have a Rooster.  Rats.  We ordered all hens and they gave us a free one, guess which one! 

I still will call him a "hen-ster" and hopefully "he" will learn to behave!  You do not need a rooster for the hens to lay eggs by the way.  They will lay eggs anyway.  You only need a rooster if you want the eggs to be feritized and to hatch chickens.

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