My what big ears you have...

When I approached the shed door that contains wood shavings I use for the chicken coop I heard a strange noise.  I opened the door to find a teeny tiny little possum!  He was calling out for his mom (I thought oh great)  Dan placed him in a basket and called our vet's office, who referred us to a wildlife rescue/rehab.  Believe it or not there were several people near and far to take this little guy to.  They told us that Possums were prehistoric animals that did not carry rabies, what to feed him (warm watered down plain yogurt with an eye dropper).  After his meal, we packed him up and  drove to Townsend (by the Nat'l Park) met Lisa, director of Smoky  Mountain Native Wildlife Center.  She told us he probably fell off his mom's back.  She would put him with other little ones his age and care for him until he could be released.  She placed him into a cozy little flannel pouch and off they went.  She also mentioned that generally he may bave 10 other brothers and sisters to look out for ....

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