Moving Day for the Chicks!

Movin' on up....the girls were packed up and moved out to the chicken coop.  They squealed, they squawked, then settled in.   The chicks are 8 weeks old now and working on pecking order as to who will be Queen.

                                                 The girls coming over to Dan for a snack.

Everybody wanted to "roost" when I sat down!  There are 5 on my right leg and 4 on the left.
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Bees & Buds

Bees, buds and deer...everything enjoying the sunshine!

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Geeky Chicks

OK, we are going into week 4 with the chickens and now they are going from the oh-so-cute stage to kinda geeky almost teenagers (‘tweens).  Their heads look too small for the long necks (sorta like turkeys), longer legs with feathers making them look as if they are wearing cheap capri pants. They are all growing at a different rate. Look and see what I mean….

                                                            How you doin?

                                                             You talking to me?

                                      Can you believe what she is wearing?

                                   Jesse and Sandi visit and laugh at them

Gift from Bob & sings, lights up and does the "Chicken Dance" they are all doing it.

(Lucky for you I do not know how to add audio to the blog yet)
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Signs of Spring

Spring has sprung at Turtle Creek.....lenton roses and daffodils are starting to pop up everywhere.

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Go Green

Go Green - Think Green -in honor of St.Patrick's Day, plus it's the right thing to do!  Here are some photos of our little sprouts, Dan started them a few weeks ago along with building more rasied beds for the garden.   The sprouts are heirloom tomatoes, various peppers and eggplant.

Little sprouts just starting...


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