Fall at the Farm

Today was a beautiful Fall day - everybody out enjoying the crisp air.

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Guineas First Day Out

Today was the first day two of the Guineas:  Anthony (pronounced Ant-nee) and  Gina Battaglia ventured outside the coop.  The other two Guineas, Vinnie Barboni and Betty Columbo stayed inside for the day. 

As you can see from the photos, the Guineas have yet to get the idea of “Ramp Etiquette” even though the chickens tried their best to demonstrate you enter from the right and exit from the left.  Anthony just stayed at the door admiring the blue sky ignoring the fact that the chicken crowd was building up on the ramp to get in.

In spite of their poor manners, we still think that the Battaglias’ are quite a handsome couple.


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Surprises - something old and something new

The chickens had a week filled with surprises!  Chicken-theme gifts from their fans.....some from Georgia and as far as Russia.

The "Westies" Stitchers (my old and dear stitching group) from Georgia came up for a visit  and brought along some treasures old and new:

An antique wooden painted egg crate circa 1920's along with an Acme Egg-Grading Scale (1924) and a glass "brooder egg"  

A new egg-theme tote with a matching modular knit scarf  and Barite Geode, this is actually older than dirt.

A surprised mailed from Marietta, Georgia - A glass little red hen from Lynn & Bob (mainly Lynn).

All the way from St Petersburg, Russia, "pickin chickens"...you spin the wooden ball on the bottom , which makes the chickens peck at the grains!  While in Russia on vacation, Butch and Sylvia found this.  The chickens are quite continental now.

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While my friend Rusty was visiting here, she got to meet the "girls" but also to see my comedy routine of trying to balance buckets, feed, treats and eggs back and forth to the coop.  Since they are laying a few eggs at a time, we do not need to use an egg basket yet....I  have been carefully carrying them from the coop to the cabin (for someone who can not walk and chew gum at the same time  it is quite a feat).

Rusty being very clever made me two aprons for collecting eggs  - hence the "Egg-pron" !!!  They made up of fun poultry theme fabrics: retro-chickens, egg beaters, and chicken wire and have deep pleated pockets  for safe keeping and carrying of eggs.  (I just filled the pockets with 9 eggs prior to writing this). 

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The Cutting Garden

Dan planted a flower cutting garden for me this year...it is filled with an assortment of sunflowers, zinnias, queen annes lace, cosmos, daisies and more!  I have enjoyed making up mason jar bouquets to share with friends.


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