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Peanut Jesus & Walnut Santa

Every family has these "treasures".    Amongst all the beautiful ornaments hung on your tree, these are the ones that are proudly hung in the front and match nothing else on the tree.   You know what I mean, the hand made ones.  Here we have Jesus, Mary and Joseph depicted in peanuts by my niece-ling Jamey years ago....Walnut Santas, one by niece-ling Cristy age 6 and one by Auntie Bessie age 79 both have the same incredible design quality.  Not to forget those tacky ceramic lit Christmas trees, the one Dan's mother made years ago broke --- so one year his Dad went to Bootsie's Ceramic Shop and made another one for us.  It graces our kitchen during the holidays.  These little treasures will always pull at your hearts strings.


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Snow Day

Chilly here today - the chickens got snowed in.  They spend the whole day inside the coop where it was warm and talk amongst themselves.  You could hear behind the doors cackeling away (singing Christmas carols I am sure).  They still managed to lay 18 eggs today.  Here is a shot of the coop today and a picture from a few days ago in the snow.   Maybe when they go out tomorrow they can build a snowman...ohh I mean snow-chicken.


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First Snow

This morning the fields were covered in a blanket of snow! Todays sun will probably melt it all by this afternoon.   In the meantime, the chickens are trying to figure out what it is.  Jennie was eating the snow as if it was a treat.   Most of the girls are staying inside the coop, all cozy with the heater on listening to Christmas tunes.  Next thing you know they will be requesting hot cocoa.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thought you might also enjoy seeing the "out-takes" for this Thanksgiving photo I used for our card this year.

I took the photo in the morning and had it narrowed down to at least three chickens who I knew would not panic if I tried to put the pilgrim dress on them:  Fran,  Alice or Olivia.....Fran won.  The whole photo shot took about 15 minutes and about 6 shots....mainly time was spent sitting still on the step in front of the coop waiting to see who would be curious about what I was holding.  Olivia was the first one to jump in my lap but when she eyed the dress she bolted.  Fran hopped up, let me put the dress on her ....but as I was putting it on she stood up.  You can see on the right side the ribbon  was not tied yet... so I just held the camera out to the side and started taking photos (hoping I was aiming right).  You can tell from some of the out-takes, I had about 3 minutes before she had enough of modeling.  The first photo turned out to be the best!

Olivia leaving the scene: 

Gina checking out the camera: 

Fran is done with modeling and I am trying to un-tie the dress
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