Taking a chicken to the Vet

Our poor little Fran is not feeling well.  You may remember her, she posed in a pilgrims outfit for Thanksgiving.  She is a sweet and super friendly.

The Saturday before we left for our trip we noticed that her stomach seemed bloated….we feared that she was egg-bound (having trouble passing an egg - This is very serious and they can die).   Trying to find a vet to treat a chicken, much less over a weekend was a challenge.  I asked our vet when we first got the chickens if she treats them; she said well, they are either dead or alive!  So we referred to our “Chickens for Dummies” book that suggested you set the chicken over “steam” heat to get the egg moving.  Dan took our antique Victorian bird cage, removed the bottom, set it over screening, up on blocks in our pantry and we put her in it, covered it with blankets and placed boiling water in pans below her from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. (Fran was thinking “I don’t think I bought the weekend spa package”) No egg.  Next morning we gave her a hot bath and used the hair blow dryer – still no egg.  We read about injecting Calcium Gluconate…so the vet gave it to us. (ok first injection went off in my jacket pocket so had to run in and get another one)…still no egg and Fran still looked like she was wearing a full diaper.  We had to leave so the pet-sitter watched her daily for a week; still no egg.

My friend Laurie suggested another vet that treated her pet duck.  So we packed her up and took her to see Dr. Jones about 45 minutes away.  You can see that the dog carrier we borrowed was a bit of an over-kill. 

The office was filled with mis-behaving barking dogs.  Fran, been a very well mannered southern gal, sat perfectly still  for Dr Jones, calmly weighed in, even provided a stool sample.  The model patient. 

 The doctor checked inside her for an egg, no egg – so thinks it could be “egg yolk peritonitis”  Which means during the egg laying process the egg yolk missed the “funnel” and went into her abdomen, causing an infection.  So we are giving her antibiotics.

How to give a pill to a chicken:  hide it in food.   Ok chickens are pretty smart and can see in color – this pill is bright turquoise.  By the third day she figured this out.  So now we pop it down her throat.

We have been back to the vet’s office again (behind the counter I heard “that nice chicken is back”) and are on another round of antibiotics.  I pray every day she will get better.  She still eats and plays with everybody and looks like she’s got a diaper on – but she sure has a strong will to live!
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Seeing Yellow

Yellow always seems to be the first color of Spring…

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Egg Count Contest!


The "girls" started laying eggs in July and have been busy......so if you can guess how many eggs were laid from July thru December you will win the Grand Prize:  Chicken Alarm Clock (sure to annoy those around you with the crowing alarm).

Just enter your guess via the comment section of the Blog (or email if you prefer).

Entrys must be submitted by January 31, 2011......a winner will be selected by the number closest to the actual count.   Only entries from U.S.A. accepted, as prize will be mailed.

We have counted every single egg laid, even the ones I dropped, we keep a daily record!
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Just Chillin'

Snowed in again..... some of us have lots of projects to do, others prefer to sleep by the fireplace.

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Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best in the New Year - may it be the most creative one yet!!  I started the blog on New Years last year; so perhaps this year will be filled with more adventures!

We had John and Terry Crane come up from Florida to spend a few days relaxing.  New Years Day was too rainy for our annual hike in the park, so we had to walk the next day.  Also got a chance to show off my new chicken boots from Melani to the "girls". 

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