Chillin' Chickens

One way to beat the summer heat - cooling down with  "sprinkler/mister" of the girls was asking where the pool boy was.

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Zillions of Zinnias


The cutting garden is bursting with are some of the zinnias.  They range in color and size from large blooms to teeny thumbelinas.  Even the buds are beautiful.

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Garden Glances

The garden starting to grow more and more each day – in spite of our heat wave.  Heirloom tomatoes, squash, zucchini, snow peas, butter crunch lettuce & peppers are up now.  Dan will be planting a variety of pumpkins seeds this week for the fall.  It will be our first attempt to grow pumpkins (stay tuned).


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Little Hummers

The hummingbirds are zooming all over here.  Are they out in your area too?  We have feeders on the porches and by the kitchen window that have to be refilled all the time.  They fly so fast we have to duck while on the porch if you happen to be in the path.  They love our hanging plants with red flowers.  In the porch photo a hanging flower is normally between the two feeders so the birds do not fight.

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Fran is feeling better!

We are happy to report that Fran is doing so much better!  She actually has shown a great deal of improvement from the antibiotics.  You can see from this photo that her tail is “up “ like it used to be, she still looks like she is wearing a full diaper …but she can work on her figure later. Pardon Emma’s butt in the photo, not her best angle either.

Thanks to everyone for good thoughts and wishes!

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