Urban Farm Girl

Piper's gift

Urban Farm Girl towel coming in handy now that the girls are beginning to lay eggs again....some chickens briefly stop laying during the winter when they molt their feathers (while they concentrate on growing fluffy new ones---a girls gotta look good you know).  This handy towel was given to us by our little friend Piper Grace.
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Dashing through the Snow


Take on the New Year at full speed!

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Fall Ride

Fall Bikebike ride
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Hawk Eye

Hawk Release

A Red Shoulder Hawk was recently released by the Upstate Birds of Prey Group after being cared for since falling from his nest just  after hatching.   I think as they released him, they must have aimed him directly for our property......several times he has swooped me as I am working outside.  We have had hawks around here for years, but none that have come this close to us.  He is used to people.  

One day after hearing my chickens shrieking loudly I ran out to find the hawk inside their chicken area sitting on the gate.  The girls were inside the coop extremely upset.  OK this hawk sees them as "chicken McNuggets".

Hawk hanging out

To protect my chickens I have put up bird netting over the coop entrance, hung strings of aluminum pie plates, plastic orange ribbons and placed their radio outside. Looks like we have a Mexican Festival going on here - the only things missing is a Piñata and Somberos!!  Still he is watching them.  Interestingly the chickens make a certain warning noise to each other that danger is near.  Each day they are still alive I am grateful.

pie plates

decorated  chicken run

I contacted the Bird of Prey Group, sent photos of the Hawk, my chicken area and asked for suggestions.  They told me we are in the flight path where they release raptors and that his name is Nebu.  Suggesting that I should put a tarp over the outside area.  We would need a circus tent to cover the whole area--so that's out.

I am hoping that Nebu the Hawk will move on to another area - "on a wing and a prayer" like the newspaper article about him said.

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Bird Feeder?

raccoon dinner time
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