The Winner is....

The official egg count for 2010 was:  2,459

The WINNING guess was submitted by Rusty of Miami, Florida who guessed: 2,550  (off by a mere 91 eggs).

Along with her egg count guess, she noted that if she won, to please send the Clock to Sue Frost of Woodstock, Vermont who had the best idea of what to do with it!  Sue said she would place the clock in one of her guestrooms for when we come and visit.  Sue and Bob Frost own Canterbury House Bed & Breakfast—a grand 1880’s Victorian house – where the Chicken Alarm Clock will surely blend right in with the lovely décor.  So if you're planning on visiting Vermont and want to stay in a wonderful B&B, just ask to stay in the room with the Chicken Clock:

CONGRATS RUSTY!!!  Another surprise gift will be sent to you for being so generous! If the box has air-holes in it, open quickly it’s a chicken.
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White Christmas

A White Christmas in Maryville, Tennessee

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Merry, Merry!

...making a list and  chicken it twice.

Have an Eggs-traordinary holiday season.

Vita Marie, Dan, Cosmo, Abigail and Assorted Poultry

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Courthouse Christmas Trees

The annual Courthouse Christmas Trees opened this week.  Local groups, like the Girls Scouts, Cub Scouts, Humane Society and so forth can have a tree on the courthouse lawn and decorate it....many with hand made ornaments.  It is colorful, cute and quirky! 

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Counting Your Blessings

November – already!

When I think of November, Thanksgiving of course comes to mind.  I found these great place cards pictured below.  I thought well why wait until just one day to think about what we are thankful for….why not write a little something down each day this month I am thankful for?  Family….  Friends. … those fighting for our freedom ….or just being able to wake up and start a new day.   Really, when you think of it we each could probably fill a notebook with just little things we are thankful about or take for granted.   

I could start right now and say to you:  thanks for taking time from your precious day and reading this.  I treasure your friendship.

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