Giving Thanks

"Free from Want"  Norman Rockwell, 1943

I took this photo at the Normam Rockwell Museum in MA.  The guard came over to see what I was doing posing Dan next to the painting....I did not have time to explain to him I needed it for my Thanksgiving photo!

I am soooo THANKFUL for friends and family and artists like Norman who can capture lifes moments that mean so much to us all. 
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Boo & Hisses

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Fall's Arrival

Our local farmer's market is filled with pumpkins and fall flowers....



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New Book!

I am so excited to announce a new book by my friend Cindy Blackberg!  It is called “Sampler By Hand”, a wonderful collection of 63 quilt blocks to select from to make a quilt as shown on the cover or a tiny treasure using a few blocks.  The reason I am excited is that some of the photos in the book were taken here at Turtle Creek Farm…..check out the photo featuring one of our hens, Bessie!  Both Bessie and Cindy will autograph your book.  For more info about the book and Cindy’s great work, check out her website:

Bessie is quite the diva now, wearing sunglasses while free ranging.  

Book Cover:  Cindy's Sampler Quilt at Turtle Creek Farm

Bessie Marie admiring the Sawtooth Star Quilt

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Growing Family - Two New Boys!!

Our family has grown by two……both of our lovely niece- lings just had baby boys! 

Cristy’s had little “Brady” yesterday.  Here he is just a few hours old with his sister Emory.  Jamey’s had little “Avery”  in June.  These little guys are two month apart and we just love them to bits.  We are so blessed!


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