Vermont Summer

Visiting Vermont in the summer was fun - and slightly chilly in the evenings - what a nice change!  We stayed at the cozy Canterbury Inn in Woodstock ( with our innkeeper friends Bob & Sue.  She makes the best breakfasts ever...even had the chicken alarm clock in our room!  Enjoyed the Wine & Cheese Festival at Shelburne then onto visiting with the Corbett's at their beautiful place in East Barnard- the kids sure kept us hopping.  Check out the great view from one of their porches. 


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Grass is always greener...

At least once a week there is a road block around here.
This is one took place this afternoon.
It always happens on the same curve in the road into town..... a cow "escapes" from a pasture to check out the grass on the other side.  I have learned from past experience not to get out of the car to try to persuade  the cow to go back in.  They prefer to take their own sweet time.

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Dogwood Days

One of the colorful springtime events around East Tennessee is our Dogwood Festival...featuring the spectacular blooming dogwood trees in a variety of different colors from creamy white to all shades of pink.  There are dogwood trails all around each town you can take by hiking, biking or driving to view these grand trees and celebrate nature.

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We just got back from a quick trip to Miami for a friends wedding.  Here are a few snaps.

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Autumn Abounds

We were able to see the start of the wonderful fall season in Vermont.  I could not post on the Blog while there, no service where we stay.  Here are a few  photos of the zillions I took.  Since we are always there in the fall, I shot the majority of them this time in black and white to make them into a photo book.  (they all took on a great vintage look).  Here are some in color so you can enjoy the spectacular  season.

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