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Sunshine State

Fun in the Sun(shine) State

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Views of Ireland

localsSuch a wonderful time in Ireland, in Doolin, the Aran Islands and Galway - walking the countryside, knitting, climbing stone walls...picture perfect views everywhere you turned.  The thing that really was the nicest of all was how kind and friendly everyone we met were.  On the Aran Islands they knew we were the  Americans coming over to learn their culture and knitting traditions; so each day we were greeted by different locals stopping by to say hi and to making sure we were enjoying our stay.  We did stand out working on our knitting in the pubs at night enjoying the Celtic music, Irish Fare and Guinness.

I took zillions of photos, so I may share more later!

O'Conner's Pub DoolinKnitting projectCottageClimbng stone wallscolorful transportationcastles all about
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Sign Language

I just went to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair (SAFF) in Asheville, North Carolina and the sign that is out there as your entering the fair grounds always makes me laugh....instead of saying "Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair" it says: I guess it will stop people asking to see tractors instead of little lambs and yarn. 
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Apple Pickin

The perfect way to enjoy a fall weekend - apple picking!  Here we are at Sky Top Orchards in Flat Rock, North Carolina with Terri, Larry and Michael Marie (and baby).  We enjoyed fresh pumpkin and apple cider donuts after all our hard work.

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