Maple Grove Farm

Maple Grove Farm

My recent artwork, Maple Grove Farm has been out traveling in exhibits - this farm is owned by friends in Vermont; here is the story behind it.

Maple Grove Farm, built in 1902 sits high on a mountain ridge in Windsor county Vermont.  Surrounded by maple trees, this dairy and horse barn has been in the Maynard family for many years.  These beautiful trees are also tapped for their delicious maple syrup production. 

Maple Grove Farm has an interesting history….early on a family from the city offered to switch homesteads with the Maynard’s to try life in the country.  The family agreed and this experiment continued for a few years!  Eventually the families decided they preferred their original lifestyles and switched back.  A new generation continues to farm Maple Grove as this iconic Vermont barn continues to age gracefully.Maple Grove Farm Detail

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Branching Out Quilt

“Branching Out” is a beautiful quilt made for me by Rusty (Jane) Hardy Miller.  She designed the block pattern, which is called “Watch Your Step”, it is also featured in  one of her quilting books entitled  “Step by Step”.  The blocks are made up of what I call vanilla fabrics – a variety of beiges and creams.  Rusty knows I love this color scheme-- I collect handmade pottery mugs in vanilla so they all sort of match.  She also knows that I love appliqué, so she designed the branches of leaves which are outlined in big stitch quilting.  The quilting stitches start out as leaves that become swirls and sunrays as they reach the top.   Wish you could see this in person!  She has written 4 quilting books, (has a book signing this weekend in Florida) her website is http://www.frenchbraidquilts.com/  I am lucky to have such a talented and dear friend!

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Studios Magazine

Exciting news:  The Fall issue of "STUDIOS" magazine is out and it features 5 pages on my studio!!   It is an honor to be one of the seven artists selected  (from around the US and one from London).  "Studios" features ideas and inspiration for art and creative spaces, each artists talks about their space and how it works for creating, along with tips, hints and floorplans.  The magazine is published by Interweave Press/Cloth-Paper Scissors and is available at any book store and craft shops like Joann's.  I am lucky to have a great photographer:  Linda A. Waterhouse and that they spelled my name right!



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Project: Knitwear for Chickens

Here is the latest spring knitwear, perfect for Easter....the  Chicken Cape modeled by Auntie Fran, a Rhode Island Red.  The chicken cape is a shawl pattern my friend Cindy gave me,  embellished it with swirls of embroidery. 

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Studio Assistants

Abigail and Cosmo, Studio Assistants/paperweights


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