Meet Newman and Cloe.........they are Tami and Fred's new little puppies!

Cute Overload!  These rocket powered pups will certainly keep my brother and Tami busy.
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Boo & Hisses

W I C K E D   H A L L O W E E N   W I S H E S !!

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Chicken Update: Chicken Sitter

Many have asked how is little Fran doing, here she is at the vet's  office last week because she still retains fluids and needed to be "drained" (or we like to think of it as a tummy tuck).  She of course was be best behaved patient they had that day.  Fran is feeling sooo much now! 

We are lucky to have a wonderful chicken sitter..... direct from Venice Italy and Marco Island, yes we pay top dollar for her....Denise Marie.   They need to be on the best behavior now.

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Cat Nap

Cat Schedule:

Sleep, eat, sleep, play (2 bonus points if something is destroyed during this time), groom, sleep, cry for food, sleep.  Repeat

Bonus Points scored by Abigail 4;30 am:
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Which Witch is Which?

Boo and Hisses .... chickens as witches


(chicken cleverly disguised in a cat outfit)

Cathy's Misty with  her pumpkin witches

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